zaroorat rishta|Personal Information

Full Name: mia khalifa
Gender: Female
Profile ID: SOP-SK-1015
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5’3
Color: Fair
Hijab/No Hijab (for girls): No Hinab
Religion: christian
Caste: n/a
Mother Tongue: english
Qualification: Bs

London, United Kingdom

zaroorat rishta

Personal informaition
Gender Female
Complexaition white
Height 5.3
Weight 50
Age 27

Educaition Detail
School …fsc medical
University of london completed

joB Detail
Posistion /Rank ….retired cwo airforce
service Dha phase 2 …10 year
Now buissness ……company musa Co
Buissness civil engineer and construction
Income 2 lac per month

Religious Detail
London, United Kingdom

zaroorat rishta

Name: Minahil
Age: 24
Height: 5’7
2 brothers
One Studying in CUST Uni
Education: Doing master’s

Residence: new jursy

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    1. Hi baby I’m in kenya, but I’m a Christian, I love you.How shall
      that be happening in love and even meeting in courtship

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